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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Writting pragraph About Your English Teacher

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Write a paragraph about “ Your English Teacher” by answering the questions below:
( for JSC, SSC, and JDC)
 (a) How is your English teacher?
(b) How does life she behaves with the students’?
(c)  What kind of life does he lead?
(d)  How does he / she teach you?
(e)  What does he/ she do with the weak students?
(f)  What qualities of your teacher do attract you?
(g)  Do you find any negative qualities in your teachers?
(h)  Do you expect anything special from your teacher?
Answer: Our English teacher is an ideal teacher. He is a young but experienced teacher. He behaves in a friendly manner with the students. He leads a simple life. He believes in the principle of plain living and high thinking. He is never proud of anything. He teaches us nicely. He has a pleasing voice. He knows the "modern method of teaching. He makes the lesson interesting. He is very tactful about teaching. He makes his lesson easy and lucid. He treats us as friends. He explains the difficult lesson in a simple way. So we enjoy his class very much. Many qualities of our English teacher attract me- He is sincere, dutiful and honest. He is very operative with the students. He takes special care of the weak students. He is never angry with the students. He is very interested in co-curricular activities. He has a strong personality, excellent mode of teaching and good dealing.
 I do not find any negative qualities in our teacher. We expect that our English teacher will take more classes. We would like to develop our knowledge of English under his guidance. We expect that our English teacher will help us in running a debating club.
NB: Please let us know how you fill about our works? If any suggestions or Question please comment here. Thank you. 

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