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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Writting Dialuage About Birthday And Preparation for examination

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About Birthday.
MySelf: Hello, Rahul How are you?
Rahul: I am fine, Why have you come to our house in the morning? Any problem?
Myself: Oh, no. I am going to celebrate my 16 th birthday on the day.
Rahul: What a happy news!
Myself: I,ll be very happy if you join the party in the evening.
Rahul: Of course. I’ll attend the party. Who are going to invite?
Myself: A have invited all my friends including Rimi, Sumi, Parvez and some of my relatives.
Rahul: It’ll be a great fun for all of us. Anyhow. What are you going to arrange for the party?
Myself: There is an arrangement for dinner for all the guest and after the dinner there will be songs, Music and fun etc. I expect you to come earlier .
Rahul: I’ll reach much before the program. I wish all success of the programmed.
Myself: Thank you.
Rahul: You’re welcome.

Preparation for JSC/SSC examination.
Salam:  Hello sumon how are you?
Sumon: Fine, What about You?
Salam:  I am very anxious about mu preparation for The Jsc/SSC exam .
Sumon: Why? Aren’t you studying regularly?
Salam: I study hard .But you know ,I am weak in mathematics .
Sumon: Aren’t you help from your teacher?
Salam: yes, My teacher help me a lot. I think I am improving day by day.
Sumon: What About English and also other subject?
Salam: I am not afraid of English. I think I will get 80% marks in all others subject.
Sumon: Then don’t be anxious . I wish you would overcome your weakness soon.
Salam: Thank you

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