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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Writting Paragraph About Tree Plantation

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Write a paragraph about “ Tree plantation” by answering the questions below.
(a)  What is tree plantation?
(b) What is the necessity of tree plantation?
(c)  How do trees helps us?
(d) How do trees maintain ecological balance?
(e)  How does a country become affected by deforestation?
(f)   Why should people grow more trees?
(g)  What will be the result of tree plantation?
(h) What should people do?
(i)    How can we make tree plantation progremme successful?
Tree Plantation
Tree plantation means planting sapling beside houses and in the roads and fallow lands. Trees are important element of our environment .Our environment is being polluted day by day. We are heading towards a disaster .So,, tree plantation is necessary to prevent the pollution of the environment. Trees help us in many ways. Trees supply us oxygen without which cannot live even for a few minutes. They give us shade and protect us from the scorching heat of the sun. They give us timber, food, fruits and shelter. They save the house from cyclone and storms. They protect our soil from erosion. A country is seriously affected by deforestation. Deforestation turns a country into a desert. If there are no trees left in the forest. There will be less rainfall in the country. This will cause great harm to our cultivation. The temperatures in the atmosptoor will also increase. So, people should plant more trees. Trees maintain ecological balance. To maintain ecological balance at least 24% of the total land area of a country should be forest. Trees help to cause absorb carbon-dioxide and prevent air pollution. The keep our environment cool and favorable for living. Trees prevent a region from becoming a desert. The result of trees plantation will be good for us. The country will be a comfortable place for living. The air pollution of the country will be lessened to some extent. People should stop cutting down trees. They should be given sapling at a low price. They should be made conscious of the importance of trees. Only then the tree plantation program will be successful.


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