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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Writting Paragraphs About My Class Room & A School/College Common Room

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1. Write a paragraph about “ your class room” by answering the questions below.
(a)  What is class room?
(b) Where is your classroom situated?
(c)  How is your class room?
(d) How many pieces of furniture are there?
(e)  How do you maintain the class room?
(f)   How do you fell in your class room?
My Class Room
A class room is the place where classes are held for teaching students. My class room is well decorated and well ventilated. We, eighty students can sit together in the class room. It has three doors and six windows. There are eight fans and six electric lights in my class room. It is housed on the first floor of the three stored school building. There is a single-chair and a desk for each of the students. There is a raised platform where there is a lectern for the teacher. The platform is somewhat like a stage. Behind the stage, there is a blackboard fixed to the wall we have a mathematical and a chemical chart in our classroom. We use them in our theory classes of mathematical as well as Chemistry. We always try to keep our class neat and tidy. We feel comfortable in the class room.

2. Write a paragraph about “ A College Common room” by answering the questions below.
(a)  What is college/school common room?
(b) Where is it located?
(c)  Where do the students come there?
(d) What are the arrangement for?
(e)  What do we find in some common rooms?
A College common Room
A School Common Room

A college / school common room is a place  of attraction and recreation for the students of a college / school. Students come here to spend their leisure time during off periods. There are arrangements for indoor games, such as table-tennis, chess, carom, ludu, cards etc in a college/school common room. In some common rooms, we find daily newspaper, weeklies, radios and television for the recreation of the students. In big college/ school, the common room is very well-furnished and well decorated. The college/ school common is a source of recreation to the college/school students. It helps the students to refresh both their mind and body. A college/school common rooms is a part and parcel of a college/school. It plays an important role in removing the monotony of the students. It also keeps a collage fresh, live and cheerful. So every college/school must have a well decorated common room.


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