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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Writting Pragraph About The International Mother Language Day Or 21st February

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There is a example on writing a paragraph about “the international mother language day with question. For jsc, jdc, ssc BTEB and HSC.
Write a paragraph About” The International Mother Language Day” by answering the Questions.
(a)   Which day is the international Mother Language Day?
(b)  What is the background of this day?
(c)   When did the day get the recognition of the UNESCO?
(d)  What is the importance of observing the day?
(e)  How is the day observed in our country?
(f)   Where do people go on that day?
(g)  How do people go there?
(h) How do they pay respect to the language martyrs?
(i)    How do you feel when you celebrate the day?
Answer: The 21st February is observed as the International Mother Language Day. The history of the Language movement dates back to 1952. On the 21st February In 1952. The valiant sons of Bangladesh Salam. Rafiq, Barkat. Jabbar and Shafiq laid down their lives on the streets of Dhaka to establish Bangla as one of the state languages 01'P-Eileistan. They sacrificed their lives to uphold the glory and honor of the mother tongue. ‘The Bangladesh have been observing 21st February as Martyrs Day in Bangladesh since 1952. On the 17th November. 1999 UISESCO general conference proclaimed 21st February as International Mother Language Day. From now every year 21st  February will be observed –as International Mother Language Day. The World Community would recall (was WW) the sacrifices of the Language martyrs of 1952. This is a fitting tribute to the martyrs of the historic Language Movement in 1952. The day is observed in our country with due solemnity. At dawn we go to the Shaheed Minar bare looted. We pay tribute to the martyrs by paying floral wreaths at the Shaheed Minar. When we celebrate the day. we feel proud of our valiant sons. We remember then with honor and gratitude.

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