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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Writting Paragraph About Gender Discrimination

Write a paragraph About “ Gender Discrimination” by answering the question below . (for JSC, SSC, HSC, Diploma, Vocational , BTEB And Others)
(a)  What is gender discrimination?
(b) When does it begin?
(c)  How long does it continue?
(d) Why is the birth of a female child regarded curse?
(e)  What are the causes and effect of Gender discrimination in Bangladesh?
(f)   What are the worst affected of Gender Discrimination?
(g)  What are the women deprived of?
(h) What is the opinion of the parents about daughter education?
(i)    What is the prime aim of the parents?
(j)    What should we do to solve this problem?
Answer: Gender discrimination means the unequal treatment between male and female. It is a great problem in our country (Bangladesh). It begins at birth and continues throughout the women’s life. Social prejudices, customs and evils of dowry systems are the causes of gender discrimination. Most parents want to have male children. They think that male children can contribute to the family income more than the female children. Besides, male children are necessary for the continuance of family lineage. Moreover the parents have to give dowry to the daughter’s husband at the time of marriage. So the birth of a female child is regarded as a cure. She is born to an unwelcome world. Poor and illiterate girls are the worst victims of gender discrimination. They are deprived of the right of education. The poor parents consider their daughter education wastage of money. So, their prime aim is to marry off their daughters. Gender discrimination has some long term negative effect on the body and mind of the girl. They develop a sense of self effacement, self denial and inferiority. They are given less food than the male children. So they suffer from malnutrition. Women become victims of torture because of gender discrimination. Only education can remove gender discrimination. An educated girl can stand on her own feet. She becomes conscious of her rights. She also commands the respect of people around her. We must give up our traditional view and attitude towards women. We must raise mass consciousness against gender discrimination.

Writting paragraph about “ Memorable Day of your Life"

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Write a paragraph about “ Memorable Day of your Life” By answering the questions below.
(a)   What is the most memorable day of your life?
(b) Why it is memorable?
(c)  What happened on that day?
(d) What is your impression of the day?
(e)  How do you feel now when you remember that day?


Ans. Many memorable events took place in my life. I still remember one of these memorable events. My first  day at college is a memorable event in my life. I remember the day the most. I got ready early in the morning and went to college at 9-30 a.m. My classmates received me with smiling faces. They became very intimate with me within a few moments. I exchanged my ideas with them. When the bell of the college rang. I entered into a spacious room. Just after a second a fair looking gentleman appeared before us. I came o know that he was the professor of English. The professor ca led over the rolls. Then followed a friendly discussion. He treated us as friends. I attended four classes and gained an experience that all the college teachers have vast knowledge. Some students were gossiping under a tree. Some were taking tea in the canteen and some were loitering on the campus. I became intimate with some students of my class on the first day. All these charmed me. In the leisure period I entered the college library and was astonished to see innumerable books in the library. l understood that a new Chapter had started in my  life. At 3 p.m. I left the college with a mind full of joy and new experience. I feel that the memory would remain ever fresh in my mind. When remember the sweet memory of that day my mind is filled with joy.

Writting Paragraphs About My Class Room & A School/College Common Room

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1. Write a paragraph about “ your class room” by answering the questions below.
(a)  What is class room?
(b) Where is your classroom situated?
(c)  How is your class room?
(d) How many pieces of furniture are there?
(e)  How do you maintain the class room?
(f)   How do you fell in your class room?
My Class Room
A class room is the place where classes are held for teaching students. My class room is well decorated and well ventilated. We, eighty students can sit together in the class room. It has three doors and six windows. There are eight fans and six electric lights in my class room. It is housed on the first floor of the three stored school building. There is a single-chair and a desk for each of the students. There is a raised platform where there is a lectern for the teacher. The platform is somewhat like a stage. Behind the stage, there is a blackboard fixed to the wall we have a mathematical and a chemical chart in our classroom. We use them in our theory classes of mathematical as well as Chemistry. We always try to keep our class neat and tidy. We feel comfortable in the class room.

2. Write a paragraph about “ A College Common room” by answering the questions below.
(a)  What is college/school common room?
(b) Where is it located?
(c)  Where do the students come there?
(d) What are the arrangement for?
(e)  What do we find in some common rooms?
A College common Room
A School Common Room

A college / school common room is a place  of attraction and recreation for the students of a college / school. Students come here to spend their leisure time during off periods. There are arrangements for indoor games, such as table-tennis, chess, carom, ludu, cards etc in a college/school common room. In some common rooms, we find daily newspaper, weeklies, radios and television for the recreation of the students. In big college/ school, the common room is very well-furnished and well decorated. The college/ school common is a source of recreation to the college/school students. It helps the students to refresh both their mind and body. A college/school common rooms is a part and parcel of a college/school. It plays an important role in removing the monotony of the students. It also keeps a collage fresh, live and cheerful. So every college/school must have a well decorated common room.


Writting Paragraph About Tree Plantation

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Write a paragraph about “ Tree plantation” by answering the questions below.
(a)  What is tree plantation?
(b) What is the necessity of tree plantation?
(c)  How do trees helps us?
(d) How do trees maintain ecological balance?
(e)  How does a country become affected by deforestation?
(f)   Why should people grow more trees?
(g)  What will be the result of tree plantation?
(h) What should people do?
(i)    How can we make tree plantation progremme successful?
Tree Plantation
Tree plantation means planting sapling beside houses and in the roads and fallow lands. Trees are important element of our environment .Our environment is being polluted day by day. We are heading towards a disaster .So,, tree plantation is necessary to prevent the pollution of the environment. Trees help us in many ways. Trees supply us oxygen without which cannot live even for a few minutes. They give us shade and protect us from the scorching heat of the sun. They give us timber, food, fruits and shelter. They save the house from cyclone and storms. They protect our soil from erosion. A country is seriously affected by deforestation. Deforestation turns a country into a desert. If there are no trees left in the forest. There will be less rainfall in the country. This will cause great harm to our cultivation. The temperatures in the atmosptoor will also increase. So, people should plant more trees. Trees maintain ecological balance. To maintain ecological balance at least 24% of the total land area of a country should be forest. Trees help to cause absorb carbon-dioxide and prevent air pollution. The keep our environment cool and favorable for living. Trees prevent a region from becoming a desert. The result of trees plantation will be good for us. The country will be a comfortable place for living. The air pollution of the country will be lessened to some extent. People should stop cutting down trees. They should be given sapling at a low price. They should be made conscious of the importance of trees. Only then the tree plantation program will be successful.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Writting Dialuage About Birthday And Preparation for examination

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About Birthday.
MySelf: Hello, Rahul How are you?
Rahul: I am fine, Why have you come to our house in the morning? Any problem?
Myself: Oh, no. I am going to celebrate my 16 th birthday on the day.
Rahul: What a happy news!
Myself: I,ll be very happy if you join the party in the evening.
Rahul: Of course. I’ll attend the party. Who are going to invite?
Myself: A have invited all my friends including Rimi, Sumi, Parvez and some of my relatives.
Rahul: It’ll be a great fun for all of us. Anyhow. What are you going to arrange for the party?
Myself: There is an arrangement for dinner for all the guest and after the dinner there will be songs, Music and fun etc. I expect you to come earlier .
Rahul: I’ll reach much before the program. I wish all success of the programmed.
Myself: Thank you.
Rahul: You’re welcome.

Writting a report on the effect of political blockades.

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Write a report on the effect of political blockades.
Report writing for HSC And Dakhil examinations . You can practices this type Report writing for learn report writing.
Blockades Disrupt Supply Chains

Multiple Sectors under Strain

Special Correspondent, The Daily Star, February 14, 2016: Violent politics is squeezing the life out of many sectors. These include both the poultry industry and the milk producers. Both are perishable items, the latter more than former. Both provide nutrition, the latter is essential for newborns, growing children and aged, whilst poultry is an important means of protein for the entire population. Neither can be ignored. Yet that is precisely where we face with our politics today. The noose that has been tightened around the normal flow of goods around the country is killing these essential industries. Millions are involved in the production of poultry and milk. Since November, There have been more than 23 days of shutdowns that have dealt a severe blow to the supply and distribution chains. With regards to collection of milk, Milk-vita alone used to collect 2,50,000 liters of milk per day, which is not happening.
 A million co-operative farmers are dumping their milk on the streets. According to newspaper reports the poultry industry has suffered losses worth Tk. 40 billion over the last quarter. Farms have had to destroy nearly 2 million day-old chicks every week and more than 30 million eggs, the aggregate value of which is more than Tk. 200 million. Perhaps these data mean nothing to our political leaders but they mean everything to millions of workers in the industry and the companies that are going down under since political efoes are more important than the livelihoods of millions.

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Writting Pragraph About The International Mother Language Day Or 21st February

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There is a example on writing a paragraph about “the international mother language day with question. For jsc, jdc, ssc BTEB and HSC.
Write a paragraph About” The International Mother Language Day” by answering the Questions.
(a)   Which day is the international Mother Language Day?
(b)  What is the background of this day?
(c)   When did the day get the recognition of the UNESCO?
(d)  What is the importance of observing the day?
(e)  How is the day observed in our country?
(f)   Where do people go on that day?
(g)  How do people go there?
(h) How do they pay respect to the language martyrs?
(i)    How do you feel when you celebrate the day?
Answer: The 21st February is observed as the International Mother Language Day. The history of the Language movement dates back to 1952. On the 21st February In 1952. The valiant sons of Bangladesh Salam. Rafiq, Barkat. Jabbar and Shafiq laid down their lives on the streets of Dhaka to establish Bangla as one of the state languages 01'P-Eileistan. They sacrificed their lives to uphold the glory and honor of the mother tongue. ‘The Bangladesh have been observing 21st February as Martyrs Day in Bangladesh since 1952. On the 17th November. 1999 UISESCO general conference proclaimed 21st February as International Mother Language Day. From now every year 21st  February will be observed –as International Mother Language Day. The World Community would recall (was WW) the sacrifices of the Language martyrs of 1952. This is a fitting tribute to the martyrs of the historic Language Movement in 1952. The day is observed in our country with due solemnity. At dawn we go to the Shaheed Minar bare looted. We pay tribute to the martyrs by paying floral wreaths at the Shaheed Minar. When we celebrate the day. we feel proud of our valiant sons. We remember then with honor and gratitude.